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Why HVAC Units Fail

900w-HeatPumpFbPostWhy HVAC Units Fail by Williamsburg HVAC

Williamsburg Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc will be posting blogs on everything from “Why HVAC Units Fail” to selecting the proper filter for your AC Unit.

thermostat by Williamsburg Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.Your Thermostat is Broken

When your heating or air conditioning goes out, panic is hardly and uncommon reaction. How old is your thermostat? Does the battery in the thermostat need to be replaced? Give us a call at 757-220-4357

indoor-air-qualityAir Filter Needs be Replaced

Changing your filters can be an easy fix to your heating and cooling issues. A dirty filter can cause your HVAC system to work harder by effecting the air handler or the outside compressor. Note: Permanent filters should generally be cleaned every month during times of high usage.

air-conditioner-in-atticYour Dampers Are Not Properly Balanced

The air that comes out of your ductwork must travel through a series of ducts before it reaches the appropriate room. We have the equipment at Williamsburg HVAC to balance the flow of air through your duct work so each room has the best heating and cooling balance.

200w-fixhvacYour Refrigerant is Leaking

Having you HVAC equipment checked every six months will spot any issues like refrigerant leaks before they become a major issue.  Home owners can spot this problem if they notice ice on the heating and cooling coils.

150w-air-handler-maintenancThe Breaker Is Tripped

Check your electrical breaker box to see if one of breakers in the off position. The breaker could be defective, the circuit could be overloaded or the breaker connected to the HVAC system flipped to the off position.

200w-air-conditionerAge of HVAC Equipment

If your HVAC equipment is over 10 years old you may want to consider replacing the old unit with a more efficient unit.  Heat Pumps have been re-designed over the last 10 years to where they pull more heat and cooling from the air than ever before.  Service checkups are also critical no matter the age of your equipment.

half-wAbout Our Service Service Team

We offer 24-hour heating and air conditioning service to accommodate your schedule and your heating and cooling needs. A breakdown can occur when you least expect it; you can count on Williamsburg Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to be there and lend a professional helping hand in your time of need. We also offer convenient financing options to aid with unexpected expenses.  Please call our HVAC Service Team at 757-220-4357 to indentfy the real problem.

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