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Traveling for the Holidays by Williamsburg HVAC

Many of us travel during the holidays, to visit family or to a vacation get away, to avoid from the hustle and bustle. Many people, think that they should turn their heat off or set it just above freezing to save a few dollars on their power bill. While it may save them some money while they are gone, it won't once they return, if you have a heat pump system. Heat Pumps perform best when temperature changes are only by a few degrees. If the thermostat is set really low and then set to your comfort zone when you return, the heat pump has to work harder than usual. This increased work can reduce the longevity of your system. If you do feel compelled to lower your thermostat while you are away, don't be tempted to set it below 65 degrees. This temperature is optimal for reducing your energy costs, while keeping things from freezing and not overloading your heat pump when you return. Another tip for lowering that power bill while traveling, if you have a gas water heater, is to change the setting on your water heater. The gas valve on your gas water heater has a vacation setting. This allows the water to be kept warm without constant heating when used on a regular basis.

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