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Heating & Air Conditioning Checkups

Williamsburg Heating & Air Conditioning is devoted to getting the most out of your HVAC equipment.  To get the most out of you heating & air conditioning equipment we recommend having your equipment checked twice a year, one in the spring and another in the fall.   Extend the life of your equipment by contacting Williamsburg Heating & Air Conditioning.

Heating & Air Conditioning Inspection

Williamsburg Heating & Air Conditioning recommends that you have your Heating & Air Conditioning Inspection of your system at least twice a year (spring - fall).  Our HVAC specialists check all the critical components plus your heating and coolant levels.  When you call or email please check ask if there are promotions.  

Williamsburg Heating & Air Conditioning HVAC Maintenance Program

Inspection Includes

__ Testing: For excessive vibration, motor winding, refrigerant charge, fan RPM, refrigerant oils, water condition, flue analysis, controls, combustion and draft, crankcase heaters and control systems.

__ Inspecting: For worn, failed or doubtful parts, mountings, drive couplings, oil level, rotation, soot, flame composition and shape, pilot and igniter, steam, water, oil and/ or refrigerant leaks.

__ Cleaning: Electrical contacts, burner orifices, pilot and igniter, cooling tower baffles, basin, sump and float, condenser, boiler tubes and coil surfaces.

__ Aligning: Belt driven couplings and air fins

__ Calibrating: Safety controls, temperature controls and pressure controls

__ Tightening: Electrical connections, mounting bolts, pipe clamps, refrigerant pipe fittings and damper sections.

__ Adjusting: Belt tension, superheat, fan RPM, burner fuel/air ratios, gas pressure, set point controls and limits, compressor cylinder up loaders, damper close-off and sump pumps.

__ Lubricating: Motors, fans, damper bearings, control valve stems, damper linkage and fan vane linkages

Beat The Heat & Cold

Williamsburg Heating & Air Conditioning recommends HVAC inspections twice a year; in the fall and spring.  A well-maintained system will:

__ Reduce the incidence of repairs

__ Lower your energy bills

__ Add years to your equipment's lifespan

__ Keep your family happy, healthy and confy!

Family Owned

Our family-owned and operated HVAC business has been serving the home comfort needs in the Williamsburg and surrounding areas for almost two decades now and we pride ourselves on our Heating & Air Conditioning service, quality, and customer care. With a team of professionals that spans generations, Williamsburg Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. has become much more than a corporation. We consider ourselves a community and offer that family spirit to every client we service.

Beat the HEAT - Call Williamsburg HVAC For Your A/C Equipment Inspection... Ask about our 1 - 3 Years Service Agreement!