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Get Your Annual Heat Inspection To Keep Your Family Safe and Warm.

An annual heat inspection with a licensed contractor is critical to keeping your family safe and comfortable. We, at Williamsburg Heating & Air Conditioning, are certified professionals, trained to service all makes and models of HVAC systems, ensuring your home is free from danger like Carbon monoxide (CO). Often known as the SILENT KILLER, CO claims over 150 lives in the United States each year. You can rest easy knowing that CO poisoning is something we thoroughly check during our meticulous heat inspections. Older furnaces tend to have accelerated CO risks because of normal wear and tear. Over time, the exhaust vents corrode and crack, allowing gases to leak back into your home. This is why we put your furnace through a rigorous inspection which includes a visual infrared camera analysis of the heat exchanger before the
furnace is turned on for the season. Even if you’ve already started using your furnace, keep your family safe and warm – have it inspected today!

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Promotions - Service Agreements by Williamsburg Heating and Air Conditioning

Annual Heat Inspection CHECKLIST:

Check thermostat.Remove the cover and clean it out. Verify the thermostat is recording an accurate temperature.

Check condition of air filters.Make sure they are dust and dirt-free, as this may circulate back through your HVAC system, causing blockages, making your family breath dirty air and increase energy costs. Change filters every month.

Make sure to have a CO detector; it’s a good ideano matter the age of your furnace. Please note, smoke detectors do not detect CO and may be better positioned on the wall, a few feet below the ceiling for optimal use. For more information about Carbon monoxide, click on this link: http://www.cdc.gov/co/faqs.htm.

Inspect all exposesd duct work.Peeling furnace tape, loose fittings, rips and dirt streaks may cause serious issues.

Check all gas connectionsto guage the condition of the tank and lines.

Check heat exchangersfor cracks and corrosion.

Clean the internal area of the furnace, the motor and the fan.Clean all debris, make sure soot is not present and lubricate parts for good performance.

Check chimney, flues and vents to ensure they are working adequately.

A heating system that is well maintained will increase your equipment’s life expectancy, and save you money on your electric bill. You will experience peace of mind as our friendly technicians help ward off dangerous situations and prepare your home for maximum enjoyment.

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