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Does UV Lighting Really Work?

Yes, UV has been proven under numerous studies for its ability to destroy the DNA of germs: viruses, mold, spores, fungi, and bacteria. It works at different levels depending on what one wants to accomplish.  Williamsburg Heating & Air Conditioning now offers air quality products like UV lighting for both home and commercial applications.

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Williamsburg Heating & Air ConditioningCommercial Applications

UV Lighting works in the commercial applications such as hospitals, clean rooms and food processing plants, the objective would be to have instantaneous kill. Therefore, UV lights would blanket the air passage system and the airflow directed over and between lamps, which provide for maximum kill of air pollutants. 

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UV lighting works in  residential applications, the objective is to create a cost effective and continuous method of cleaning the air. The kill rate of air pollutants is a function of space, time and the intensity of UV. Because UV has been proven to work in a cumulative manner, the polluted air is cleaned over time and subsequent passages over the UV lamp - the same way like we wash our hands more than once a day to periodically get rid of germs. Germs are constantly growing in our indoor environment and pollute the air we breathe. UV technology gives us the opportunity to clean the indoor air continuously in a cost effective manner.

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