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One of the keys to maintaining a comfortable environment in your home is to control the air's humidity level.  Dehumidifiers from Williamsburg Heating & Air Conditioning are the answer.  The dehumidifier can be installed on your existing air handler, or in a crawl space.  Crawl space installation removes that stale air that is drawn to your 1st and 2nd floor of you house.  We have an award winning team of experience people (learn more...) that install, repair, and maintain your HVAC Equipment.

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Why a Dehumidifier?

Air humidity below 30% can cause skin irritation, trigger respiratory symptoms and other ailments, create static shock, and damage home furnishings and woodwork.

On the other hand, an air humidity of more than 50% can support the growth of mold, fungi, bacteria and dust mites, warp doors and wooden furniture, increase energy usage, and make your home feel sticky or damp.

Williamsburg HVAC offers dehumidifiers that install directly into your existing HVAC system or crawl space.

Williamsburg Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. - Air Conditioning Repair, Installation, and ServiceWhy Dehumidifiers from Williamsburg HVAC

Resolve those problem moisture issues in your home or crawl space by installing a dehumidifier from Williamsburg Heating & Air Conditioning.   These dehumidifiers offer the following features:

Energy-Efficient – Uses less energy while removing more moisture from your home.

Built-In Ventilation – Replaces stale air with filtered fresh air.

Automatic Water Removal – Excess moisture drained automatically.

Advanced Filtration – Provides MERV 11 filtration

Dehumidifier from Williamsburg Heating and Air ConditioningCrawl Space Dehumidifiers

Today's crawl spaces can be Damp and dirty place, harbor pests, and have mold, fungi, plus termites. High moisture can warp your floors.  A crawl space dehumidifier installed by Williamsburg Heating & Air conditioning is a great solution for controlling humidity in your crawl space and preventing moist, contaminated air from entering your main living space. Please call Williamsburg HVAC at 757-220-4357 or EMAIL US for a quote.

Does your crawl space have a vapor barrier, is it encapsulation, does it have a dehumidifier, did you install a sump pump, are your vents sealed or open?

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We are licensed and insured contractor (lic # 2705-04421). Our service area includes historic Williamsburg VA, Newport News, West Point, Toano, Yorktown, and the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Williamsburg HVAC service all makes and models of heating & AC equipment and is a Rheem Team Top Contractor. Our products include; Ductless Air Conditioning Systems, Heat Pumps, Water Heaters, Gas and oil Furnaces, Air Cleaners, Thermostats, Whole House Humidifiers, Under House Dehumidifies, and much more. Call 757-220-4357 for a quote!

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