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Williamsburg Heating & Air Conditioning has put together a list of FAQ’s that we hope will help you when you have a question on your HVAC system. Williamsburg Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is family-owned and operated HVAC business has been serving the home comfort needs in the Williamsburg and surrounding areas for almost two decades now and we pride ourselves on our Heating & Air Conditioning service, quality, and customer care. With a team of professionals that spans generations, Williamsburg Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. has become much more than a corporation. We consider ourselves a community and offer that family spirit to every client we service.

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Emergency HVAC Maintenance by Williamsburg Heating & Air Conditioning

Question: What can I do as a home owner to maintain my heating equipment during the winter months?

Answer: The home owner can do the following:

Watch for outdoor unit iced-up
Remove drifting snow against outdoor unit
If the outdoor unit is not running - call Williamsburg HVAC
Return duct leakage - pulling in cold, unconditioned air
Replace single pain windows or install storm windows
Poor insulation

Ductless mini split system being installed by Williamsburg HVAC

Question: What can Williamsburg Heating and Air Conditioning do to help lower my heating and air conditioning bill?

Answer: Our certified HVAC team can:

Check the thermostat to make sure it is calibrated or not level
Check for low refrigerant charge
Check for refrigerant flow-related problems
Check for poor efficiency - needs cleaning and servicing
Check for bad compressor
Check on why compressor is not running

Mitsubishi ductless system outside compressor by Williamsburg HVAC

Question: What should I do if outside compressor is not working or for complete loss of heating and cooling?

Answer: First call Williamsburg Heating and Air Conditioning and have them run through their check list of solutions.

Did your electrical breaker switch off
Is there a power outage in the area
Is the compressor frozen

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