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Look for the Williamsburg Heating & Air Conditioning in your areaAC Inspections by Williamsburg Heating & Air Conditioning

We offer 24-hour AC maintenance as well as AC Inspections to accommodate your schedule and your heating and cooling needs. A breakdown can occur when you least expect it; you can count on Williamsburg Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to be there and lend a professional helping hand in your time of need. Avoid air conditioning repair by scheduling AC checkup today.  We also offer convenient financing options to aid with unexpected expenses.


The Team at Williamsburg Heating & Air ConditioningAbout Williamsburg Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

Our family-owned and operated HVAC business has been serving the home comfort needs in the Williamsburg and surrounding areas for almost two decades now and we pride ourselves on our Heating & Air Conditioning service, quality, and customer care. With a team of professionals that spans generations, Williamsburg Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. has become much more than a corporation. We consider ourselves a community and offer that family spirit to every client we service.


200w-fixhvacAC Inspection

Testing: For excessive vibration, motor winding, refrigerant charge, fan RPM, refrigerant oils, water condition, flue analysis, controls, combustion and draft, crankcase heaters and control systems.

Inspecting: For worn, failed or doubtful parts, mountings, drive couplings, oil level, rotation, soot, flame composition and shape, pilot and igniter, steam, water, oil and/ or refrigerant leaks.

Cleaning: Electrical contacts, burner orifices, pilot and igniter, cooling tower baffles, basin, sump and float, condenser, boiler tubes and coil surfaces.

Aligning: Belt driven couplings and air fins

Calibrating: Safety controls, temperature controls and pressure controls

Tightening: Electrical connections, mounting bolts, pipe clamps, refrigerant pipe fittings and damper sections.

Adjusting: Belt tension, superheat, fan RPM, burner fuel/air ratios, gas pressure, set point controls and limits, compressor cylinder up loaders, damper close-off and sump pumps.

Lubricating: Motors, fans, damper bearings, control valve stems, damper linkage and fan vane linkages

snow-removed-heat-pumpEmergency Services

Your heating and cooling system always breaks down when you least expect it.  That is why Williamsburg HVAC has established 24 Hour Emergency hot line.  When the bad weather hits we have our crews standing by to answer your call.

Just call 757-220-4357 for our EMERGENCY HVAC REPAIR SERVICE.


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